Our Philosophy.

Our respect for the form of craftsmanship has led us to maintain the authenticity of our products from the most careful industrial processing, this allows our customers to enjoy a higher quality product. We work to be at the forefront of technological advances without forgetting our artisan origin.
Since our origins, our desire has been to develop a food first-rate product that will make us a benchmark company quality food.

Raw material.

We know that the value of the final product depends largely on the quality of raw materials that compose it. Therefore, we opted for quality ingredients that together with our handmade process, give the product of a superior quality.

Artisans of La Luisiana.

Bakery Products Dominguez was founded in year 1968.

Since then we follow the same recipe of making our mini bread sticks is completely “Artisan” using the best raw materials of the Earth (Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100%).
We also have technological innovations for the development of other types of Picos bread, but always with the use of the best raw materials.

For them our bread Dominguez brand peaks it have become a benchmark nationally and internationally. We export to countries like USA, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Germany, UK, etc.
Where more and more, our products are most sought after and appreciated for its exquisite flavor Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We have IFS Higher Quality Certificate and Certified Kosher.
Our goal is to remain a leading company in the sector, with based on the high quality of our products, professionalism and tradition.

“The confidence of each of our customers is our greatest satisfaction, therefore, our level of demand, ever it is greater”


Our traditional character comes from our more than 40 years dedicated to the office of the bakery. Our hard work and determination have given as a reward superior quality products.


We are a company of made products artisan and we bet on the latest technology, but always following our recipe artisan. Our main concern is that our customers enjoy our products as they have done for years.


We have an absolute commitment to our customers. They are the engine of our company and we strive everyday to meet your culinary demands.

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